Naissaare Nature Park

Nature on the Naissaar Island has been untouched by human activity for a long time and therefore still offers joys of discovery.

Harju County, Naissaar Island
AttractionsShingle deposits and coastal escarpments, sand dunes, sandy beaches, terraced coast, fens, transitional mires, mosses
RMK Viimsi Visitor Centre

Phone: +372 676 7842


Address Rohuneeme tee 29
74001 Haabneeme
Harju County

Open Tue-Sat 10.00-18.00
other times on previous arrangement

RMK Tallinn information point

Phone: +372 676 7500


Address: Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn

Open Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00
Visitor managerRMK
Protected Area Manager Põhja region, Environmental Board of Estonia
Visiting restrictionsPlanning large public events in the nature park is prohibited without the prior consent of the protected area manager.


Campfire site Saunakari campfire site
Campsite Naissaare campsite
Hiking trail Naissaare southern trail (12 km), Naissaare central trail (11 km), Naissaare northern trail (7 km)
Rest Stop Hülkari rest stop