Instructions for the holder of a Hiker's Passport

RMK Hiker's Passport costs €10. Hiker's Passports are available in RMK Visitor Centres.
A Hiker's Passport is personal – it belongs exclusively to the person whose name is shown in the passport. After the document is bought it is bound to the hiker, so that benefits are guaranteed just for the person who needs them the most and has earned them.

The Hiker’s passport can be seen online, where the collected points have been saved. The passport activates when the first text message has been sent. The points can be collected by visiting the Hiking Route’s stops (campfire sites, forest huts, campsites) and Visitor Centres. The stops are given in the Hiking Route’s leaflet. Generally, visiting the Visitor Centre gives 10 points and visiting the campfire site gives 1 point, but some special stops give bonus!

To collect the points, a board with a code must be found from the stop and send a text message to phone number +372 5912 0606 that reads: code of the stop, then space, then passport number

The Visitor Centre's code can be found in the Visitor Centre. If the hiker gets to the Visitor Centre outside its opening hours, the visit can be registered / the passport can be activated by sending a text message as described above; the code can be found at the Visitor Centre (next to the door on the mailbox etc.).

The passport will give you the following benefits:
  • One set of Hiking Route maps and information booklet - once only, 0 points
  • Free coffee or tea at some Visitor Centres - 10 points
  • Hiking Route map -10 points/one
  • Small/large gas tank - 20/50 points
  • T-shirt "Matkahunt" - 120 points
  • T-shirt with wild animal picture - 100 points
  • Cotton scarf - 30 points
  • Cap - 50 points
  • Use of washing facility at Visitor Centre (Aegviidu, Kabli, Nõva, Kiidjärve) in opening hours - 20 points
  • Use of kitchen in Visitor Centre (Aegviidu, Kabli, Kiidjärve, Nõva, Pähni ) in opening hours - 20 points
  • Storing equipment at Visitor Centres. The parcel can be sent either directly to the Visitor Centre or a Post Office. The parcel will be taken from the Post Office by an employee of the Visitor Centre. Weight limit of a postal parcel – approx. 10 kg -0 points. For instructions for preparing and addressing the parcel, please see below.
  • Discount at RMK-related institutions (Sagadi Forest Museum, Elistvere Animal Park, etc.) - 10 points.

The list of benefits may change in time, some benefits may be temporarily finished and different Visitor Centres may offer different benefits additionally. The valid list of benefits can be seen on the current webpage:

Benefits can be enjoyed for valid points. This means that when you use a benefit, the respective number of points in your passport are deemed as used. The unused stamps that have been collected earlier can be used as 1 stamp=10 points. For example, the hiker can have three unused stamps in their passport, for which they can, if they wish so, get three cups of free coffee and three cereal bars. The stamp will be marked as used and can’t be used again.

Storing equipment at Visitor Centres
If the hiker goes on a very long walk, it is reasonable to send a part of their gear (fuel for camping stove, a change of clothes, food etc.) farther down the trail – several weeks' supplies can be quite heavy to carry on your back.
RMK Visitor Centres along the Hiking Route offer the holders of Hiker's Passports the possibility of storing equipment. A package can be either taken to the Visitor Centre by the hikers themselves (or delivered by their friends) or sent to the Visitor Centre as a postal parcel. Mailing addresses of RMK Visitor Centres can be found at the website.

When preparing the parcel and delivering it to the Visitor Centre, please note the following:
  • The parcel must be one single unit (all the mailed stuff must be packed in one bag or box).
  • The parcel must not be too heavy – Visitor Centre employees have to be able to lift it. The approximate weight limit is 10 kg.
  • The parcel must not contain perishable, fragile or strong-smelling substances.
  • The parcel has to include the following information on it (regardless of whether you deliver it yourself or send it by postal service):
- The signal word "MATKATEE";
- Sender's name, address and phone number;
- Recipient's name;
- Approximate time of receiving by the hiker.

  • No parcel shall be held at the Visitor Centre for more than 1 month.
Instructions for sending a postal parcel can be found at:

For more specific information, please ask the employees of any Visitor Centre or contact