Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park includes the island of Vilsandi with the surrounding islets and rocks, and the bays of Kihelkonna, Kuusnõmme and Atla and the islands inside. Vilsandi National Park covers about 100 islands and 180 square kilometres. Vilsandi is a small island — 6 km in length and barely 3 km in width.

The Vilsandi Island is the only inhabited island in the protected area. The island’s coastline is serrated with inlets, capes and a multitude of inshore islets. The western and northern coast of Vilsandi is predominantly dolomite rock. Characteristic of its nature is maritime climate, many bird species, it has characteristic vegetation and captivating fauna of the brackish sea.
Attention! Käkisilma - Vilsandi hiking trail (5 km) is liquidated!

The Centre for State Forest Management in Estonia has been involved in visitor management in Vilsandi National Park since February 2009.

AttractionsNumerous bird species, characteristic vegetation, fauna of the brackish sea
ActivitiesHiking, bird observation, nature education, fishing
InformationVilsandi National Park Visitor Centre
+372 454 6880; +372 527 7421
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Loona village, Saaremaa municipality, 93415 Saare County
Visitor managerRMK
Please see the visitor restrictions established in here
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia, +372 662 5999
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Vilsandi National Park
The National Park brochure was published by Environmental Board in 2019. Download PDF
Additional informationIn Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112. More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.