Kauksi Visitor Centre

Kauksi Visitor Centre is located 600 m from Valga–Tartu–Narva road, follow the signs from the Kauksi bus stop.
This is the heart of RMK Northern Shore of Lake Peipus Recreation Area. Visitors of the visitor centre can learn about the characteristics of the local nature, especially in the area around Lake Peipus.
There is a lecture room and an exposition hall at the centre. In the outdoor classroom, which is situated next to the main building, various exhibitions are displayed and education programmes can be carried out in rainy weather.
The Visitor Centre has established good partnerships with the surrounding rural municipalities of Iisaku, Lohusuu, Alajõe, Avinurme, Toila, Mäetaguse and Illuka.
PhoneAune Ferschel, communication manager,+372 5620 0080, +372 5681 5722
Opening hours1 June to 31 August, Mon to Sun 10.00–18.00
1 September to 31 May, Wed to Fri 11.00–16.00
Type of objectVisitor Centre
  • Discount educational campaign programs for general education schools and kindergartens in the winter, spring and autumn
  • paid educational nature programms (see further below), also in Russian
  • information and promotional materials about RMK Northern Shore of Lake Peipus Recreation Area and other RMK recreation areas
  • access to the databases, exhibitions and documentaries of the visitor centre
  • an exposition hall, introducing the different natural resources of the Ida-Viru County
  • forest and nature-related events;
  • facilities of the visitor centre available for rental for nature-related events
  • From Seed to Timber
An interactive display on forest management “From Seed to Timber” is open around the year in Kauksi Nature Centre’s outdoor classroom. The display aims to inform visitors about trees growing in Estonian forests and how a tree grows from seed. Here you can learn about different tree species, their growth conditions, forest pests, and see how preparations are made for forest planting from seed, how the seedlings are cared for, and which tools are used.
  • Moss, lichens and tree fungi
The exhibition is displayed in the hall of Kauksi Visitor Centre. Mosses and lichens are very common, but often little overlooked organisms in our forests. While bryophytes have similar names in the Estonian language and also similar appearance, in fact, they widely differ from each other. Still, they have an important role in several plant communities and for human population next to higher plants.
The exhibition provides an overview of the structure, reproduction, ecology, etc. of mosses, lichens and tree fungi.
Wheelchair accessibility yes
SightsThe Visitor Centre is situated in RMK Northern Shore of Lake Peipus Recreation Area. Lake Peipus, coastal pine forest, Kauksi stream, sand dunes. Books and brochures about nature.
Winter accessibilityOpen around the year
LocationKauksi village, Iisaku municipality, 41998 Ida-Viru County. Object no. 14 on recreation area map.
Driving directionsDrive 47 km on Jõhvi–Tartu road, turn left at the Kauksi bus stop (the sign at the turn). Drive 600 m forward until you see the building of the Visitor Centre at the right side of the road.
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 58.992831
longitude: 27.226335
L-EST 97 x: 6543776.5 y: 685392