Varbola stronghold

Varbola Jaanilinn was one of the largest fortresses in Estonia. The yard, approximately 2 hectares in size, is surrounded on all sides by a limestone wall, supported by dry masonry and logs. The sloping sides of the wall were formed of the crumbled upper parts. The total length of the wall is 580 m. The height of the wall on the outside is 7 - 10 m, inside 2 - 7 m.

The stronghold was used in the 12th to 14th centuries; in the 15th to 17th centuries the courtyard was used as a cemetery. Numerous coins from that period there have been found, most of them were sacrificial offerings.
Phone+37 2676 7842
Type of objectOther
Parking facilities2 parking areas for 120 cars in total
Amenities2 campfire sites, 2 recreation sites with shelter, open-air stage with shelter, 80 benches, 3 information boards
At the parking area there are 2 two-stall toilets, 2 information boards with general information and the layout map of the stronghold.
Camping facilities yes
Outdoor fireplace yes
SightsWall of the stronghold, stone-throwing catapult, siege tower, old well, oak stand
Berries and mushroomsMilk-caps
Additional information Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
LocationVarbola village, Märjamaa municipality, Rapla County
Object no 8 on recreation area map
Driving directionsDrive 50 km along the Tallinn-Pärnu road (Road no. 4), turn left towards Varbola. Drive through the Varbola village 4 km up to roadside signs. The stronghold is to the right of the road. 
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 59.039811
longitude: 24.505736
L-EST 97 x: 6544659.7 y: 529032.1