Suuretüki observation tower on the Selli-Sillaotsa study trail (approx. 1 km from the first parking lot)

The Selli-Sillaotsa study trail is circular, that is, the trail starts and ends at the same point. If you take the right branch from the first parking lot, the observation tower is 1 km away, and if you take the left branch, you have to walk 3.7 km to reach the observation tower, 2.5 km from the second parking lot. The so-called watchtower-type massive lookout tower made of logs is located on the edge of the Laeva bog on the land of the former Suuretüki farm. From the lookout tower, you can enjoy pleasant views of the bog and the boardwalk that runs through it in different seasons.
Phone +372 676 7122
Type of objectObservation Tower
Parking facilitiesThere is space for 4 cars near the first shelter and for 8 cars in another parking lot 1 km away.
Amenities 12 m high log observation tower, informnation boards on the walls of the intermediate platforms, tables and benches above.
Hiking options On foot on Selli-Sillaotsa study trail
SightsViews from the tower, wildlife, different wetland types, bog islets
Additional information
  • The trail is for walking. On average it takes 1.5 h to walk the trail. The trail runs through the bog (3.5 km) and on gravel road (1.2 km).
  • No camping or making campfire on the trail!
  • Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
  • Restrictions The study trail is situated in Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve, view the restrictions on visiting here Further information can be obtained from the Environmental Board (+372 662 5999,
    LocationTartu municipality, Tartu County
    Driving directions Drive along the Tartu–Tallinn road, 20 km from Tartu turn left immediately after the large sign (Tallinn 161, Siniküla 5, Laeva 2), drive 200 m and take the middle road to Palupõhja (traffic sign “uneven road” 11 km). Drive 7 km to the shelter and parking space on the right. Larger car park is after 1 km.
    Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
    latitude: 58.440735
    longitude: 26.287757
    L-EST 97 x: 6480101 y: 633581