Huitberg hiking trail (3 km)

Lääne County, Vormsi Landscape Reserve
Make a fire only in a place prepared and marked for it. The need for firewood in our campsites is very high during the summer, therefore firewood may be out. To avoid disappointment, please take firewood or barbecue coals with you when traveling by car. Do not leave a burning fire unattended! When using a charcoal grill, pour the coals on the fireplace, not under the forest. Extinguish the fire properly, when leaving.
One of the most captivating places on the Vormsi Island is the Huitberg limestone outcrop in the middle of a spruce forest, in the centre of the island. This more than 400 million years old coral reef smoothed by glacial abrasion has formed from calcareous exoskeletons of animals living in the shallow tropical seas during the Ordovician. On the outcrop, where it is not covered with moss, you can admire fossils or rare protected ferns growing in limestone cavities.
The trail starts by Suuremõisa and is marked with signposts and an information board.
Phone+372 472 4236
Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilitiesParking by the road
AmenitiesThere is a rest stop by the trail with a picnic table.
Hiking options yes
SightsHuitberg limestone outcrop (coral reef)
Additional information Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
Huitberg limited management zone of Vormsi Landscape Reserve.
Information about restrictions can be obtained from the Environmental Board (+372 662 5999,
LocationFällarna village, Vormsi municipality, Lääne County
Object no 2 on the landscape reserve map
Driving directionsDrive 5 km from Sviby port to the Hullo junction (road no. 16131) and ahead towards the Suuremõisa village. Pass the village, in 0.5 km follow the sign “Huitbergi paekühm 1,4”, and turn onto the forest path which is the start of the hiking trail.
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 58.993161
longitude: 23.181986
L-EST 97 x: 6539641 y: 452979