Pedassaare rental hut

A cozy and unique rental hut for travelers on one of the most beautiful small islands of Estonia. Ideal for romantic people.
One net of firewood is given from the mainland for the sauna. If the need for wood is bigger, the rest of the wood must be brought yourself. You can also get a power bank for the sauna, which must be connected to the plug in the fireplace room. You can find the guide in additional information on the website. The use of candles indoors is not allowed.

NB! Booking for up to 20 people (8 in the hut and 12 in tents).
Best access is by boat from Salmistu harbour (phone +372 504 0792).
View availability in the calendar and book online at by clicking the BOOK button at the respective hut.
Same-day bookings can not be made online.
Type of objectRental hut
Parking facilitiesPaid parking at Salmistu Harbour
AmenitiesOn the ground floor of the house there is a fireplace room with table-benches and a small room with sauna facilities. Floor for sleeping on the first floor.
Campfire site, sheltered table, dry toilet. The visitors of the house are given  dry firewood from the harbor.
  • 75 € per night
  • Pet – 5 € per night
Camping facilities Camping only for users of the rental hut, max 3 tents, price 5 € per person.  
Near by is also Pedassaare campfire site.
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Water Outdoors there is a well for houshold water (drinking water is advisable to be taken with to the island)
Hiking options Pedassaare hiking trail
Accommodation yes
Sleeps (no. of people)8 people
SightsThe south-western coast of the island is a perfect place for beach holiday, sun-bathing and swimming. 
Additional information
  • Advance booking required!
  • When you leave the rental hut, please leave the rooms in order!
  • The rental hut can be used in winter, if there is solid ice on the Kolga Bay. To go across the ice safely, the following aids should be taken along: ice awls and a whistle for each person, 5-6 m strong rope for the group.
  • Accommodation in the rental hut is possible with good winter sleeping gear only because of the poor insulation of the hut.
  • AKUPANGA-juhend eng.pdf
  • Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
RestrictionsPeople under the age of 18 can book the rental hut together with an adult only.
The campfire site is situated in Kolga Bay Landscape Reserve. Information about restrictions can be obtained from the
the Environmental Board: +372 662 5999,
LocationSalmistu, Kuusalu Municipality, Harju County
Object no 16 on recreation area map
Driving directionsThe rental hut is on the eastern coast of Pedassaar island. The nearest ports are Salmistu and Kaberneeme. 
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 59.514246
longitude: 25.380290
L-EST 97 x: 6598206 y: 578144