Oru park

From October 3 to December 30, 2023, the reconstruction works of the stairs of Hõbeallika cave in Oru Park will take place. Due to this, it is difficult to visit the cave. We apologise for the inconveniences.
Oru park is located in Pühajõe river valley at the mouth of the klint bay on a sandstone cliff. Varied terrain with the seaside plain, Neide cliff and Pühajõe valley slopes make the landscape in the park extremely diverse and scenic. Here you can see high limestone cliff, the floodplain, the terraced slope of the valley at the edge of the cliff, the limestone plain and the deep sandy sea bottom. Thanks to the varied natural landscape, wonderful and interesting views open from the park on the neighbourhood, the sea, and the park itself.
Phone+372 5681 5722
Type of objectOther
Parking facilitiesIn Toila town, at the intersection of Mere puiestee and Rannatee Street, the bus station and parking area is on the left.
Wheelchair accessibility yes
SightsOru Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions with the highest species diversity and the most diverse terrain in northern Estonia. Over the 75 hectare area, you can find 258 different species of trees and shrubs, varieties or types, most of which are of ecdemic origin. Among these are, for example, Siberian pine, Dutchman’s pipe, Euro-american hybrid poplar, sweet birch, Katsura, Douglas fir, the Manchurian walnut, and many other rarities.
RestrictionsConstitutes the Oru Park Landscape Reserve.
According to the nature conservation rules, motorised vehicle traffic is prohibited outside roads and paths.
LocationToila town, Toila municipality
Driving directionsDrive along Tallinn–Narva road. Proceeding from Jõhvi towards Narva, right after crossing the bridge over the Pühajõgi River, there is a sign pointing to Toila. Drive 5.4 km to the town of Toila. Drive along the Mere puiestee to the entry to the Oru Park, the bus station and parking area is on the left. 
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 59.420772
longitude: 27.519553
L-EST 97 x: 6592229.2 y: 699726