RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Oostriku-Elistvere (76 km)

This section of the hiking route starts with the miraculous springs area in the western part of Endla Nature Reserve. There are several unique springs at and near the trail. In the following part up to Elistvere there are alternating forest and open landscapes, this is a relatively sparsely populated area. In the massive state forest in the surrounds of Hundissaare, the trail goes along forest rides. The landscape becomes more varied in Vooremaa, offering spectacular views.
You can get to Oostriku campfire site along the gravel road that goes to the south from Koeru, with the sign directing towards the Norra springs. The same road takes the hikers through the springs area and also further over open landscapes to Tapiku, where the hiking route takes an abrupt turn to the left and goes through the massive state forest up to Siimusti mainly along straight forest rides. Starting from Siimusti, one can enjoy an asphalt road that continues to Härjanurme. After crossing the Pedja river, a gravel road first runs between fields, later turns left into a magnificent forest road. Please be careful when crossing the Tartu-Jõgeva Road. The tunnel under the nearby railway takes hikers to the other side. After Kassinurme, hikers are already at the edge of the Vooremaa area. From the gravel road to Elistvere one can enjoy wonderful views. The last kilometre is again asphalt and goes downhill.
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Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilitiesBoth Koeru and Elistvere Visitor Centre are excellent places to start and end the journey. Siimusti, which lies quite in the middle of this section, is a larger borough in the area. Parking possibilities are at all the official rest stops along the hiking route, as well as at other campfire sites along the way.
AmenitiesThe trail is marked with white-green-white blazes, hiking trail signs and hiking route boards. The rest stops on this section of the hiking route and distances between them:
Camping facilities In the campsites and campfire sites of the trail
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site In the campsites and campfire sites of the trail
Water Along this section there are the springs in Endla Nature Reserve, the Oostriku river, the fire pond at Hundissaare campfire site, the Pedja river at Härjanurme. Drinking water is available in Elistvere Visitor Centre during its opening hours.
Hiking options From the hiking route you can go to the following hiking trails: Sopa spring study trail (900 m) Võlingi spring hiking trail (2,4 km), Elistvere study trail (2 km).
SightsIn the western part of Endla Nature Reserve one can find man-made, limnocrene and rheocrene springs. The Sopa spring, the deepest one in Estonia is located a bit further away from the trail. Härjanurme Fish Farm is an excellent place for a break. There you can fish and eat freshly caught fish or take it with you to prepare later. The site of the sacred grove at Vaiga-Kassinurme hill fort is one of the oldest sacred places in Estonia. Here you can learn about the history of this ancient place and visit the restored part of the hill fort. Vooremaa offers spectacular views to the hiker in many places. One of the most scenic views opens from the Raigastvere tower. At Elistvere you can visit the Animal Park (for a fee). Those who want to stay longer in this area can visit the attractive Ice Age Centre, located by Lake Saadjärv, 8 km from Elistvere towards Tartu. Another option is the Vudila whole-family playland, 1.7 km towards Maarja.
Additional information Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
RestrictionsIn the nature reserves that the hiking trail passes, certain restrictions have to be observed. The restrictions are listed on information boards. (Endla Nature Reserve, Siimusti Kurista Landscape Protection Area, Kassinurme hill fort, Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area, Elistvere manor park).
Additional information from the Environmental Board:+372 680 7438 info@keskkonnaamet.ee.
Driving directionsTo get to Koeru, drive off the Tallinn-Tartu Road at Mäeküla (follow the sign "Koeru 34 km"). From the Luige (Tartu-Jõgeva-Aravete) Road, turn left at Kapu intersection. Koeru is slighly more than 2 km from there. Oostriku campfire site is 8.7 km to the south from Koeru, by a gravel road going towards the Norra springs.
To get to Elistvere, drive 12 km from Tartu towards Jõgeva, then turn right (sign "Elistvere loomapark 10") and drive into Elistvere village. When coming from Tallinn: drive to Jõgeva, then towards Tartu up to Tabivere. Turn left there (sign "Elistvere loomapark 6") and drive into Elistvere village.