Silma Nature Reserve

The unique features of Silma Nature Reserve are the relict lakes of the Haapsalu bay and the Noarootsi peninsula, reeds and coastal meadows.

LocationLääne County
AttractionsMigration of birds, interesting plant communities
InformationRMK Nõva Visitor Centre

Phone: +372 506 2004, +372 507 7369


Contact us: Peraküla village, Nõva municipality, Lääne County
Visitor managerRMK
Protected Area ManagerLääne region, Environmental Board of Estonia
Visiting restrictionsRecreational fishing in Silma Nature Reserve is prohibited from 1 March to 30 June. Motorised water traffic is prohibited. Cycling outside designated roads and paths and motorised vehicle traffic and parking outside designated roads and parking areas is prohibited in the nature reserve. Camping and making campfire is allowed in designated places only.