Follow the instructions in the forest!

In connection with the end of the state of emergency declared by the Government of the Republic and the relaxation of the existing restrictions, we announce that:
  • RMK visitor centers will be opened in accordance with the requirements established for visitors on May 18th 2020, counselling will also continue through phones, e-mail addresses and chat-live website Exhibitions in the outdoor areas of visitor centers will continue to be open to visitors.
  • To plan your trip, everyone can download the RMK app (Play store, App Store), which can be used to discover surroundings.
  • RMK forest and nature houses will be opened in accordance with the established requirements on 1 June 2020.
  • We insist that concentration of people and the possible risk of infection must be avoided in nature as well. To do this, we recommend avoiding extremely popular trails and visit rather undiscovered trails and objects. Both RMK's website and RMK Loodusegakoos app can help you find them and take into account the restrictions that apply to them.

We strongly recommend to plan your trip carefully before starting!

It is worth explaining to yourself the possibilities and the rules of behavior in nature and the restrictions established in protected areas in advance!

When in nature, it is worth keeping in mind, in your own and others' interest, that:
  • When walking on the trails, keep your distance from other walkers who are unfamiliar to you.
  • To avoid close contacts, walk on the trails in accordance with the local direction signs, passing oncoming hikers at a safe distance.
  • When meeting on a narrow (board)track, step off the track to pass the opponent, trying to damage nature as little as possible.
  • In the viewtower, give way to the descendant.
  • If there are more than ten cars in the parking lot when you arrive, drive on and find the next place to visit using the app.
  • Prefer paths and campfire sites and avoid being in forest huts.
  • Always keep a pet on a leash in the wild.
  • There is no possibility to wash your hands in nature, your safety is in your own hands.

When visiting nature, we would like you pay your attention to the fact that:
  • Everything you bring to the forest you can take back home with you - take your waste with you when you leave.
  • There is a flammable period in Estonia, see
  • Only use prepared campfire sites to make a fire! In order to succeed in grilling, in addition to the food to be grilled, it is worth bringing charcoal or wood yourself.
  • Do not leave used handkerchiefs, drinking cups, damp napkins, etc on the trails and other places you visit, but take them with you!

By doing all this, you show that you care about the health and well-being of nature as well as yourself and other people. Among others,also the rangers who trake care of the visiting objects.

Let`s look after ourselves, other people and nature!