RMK Penijõe-Aegviidu-Kauksi hiking route/Roela-Mummassaare (158 km)

Ida-Viru County, Alutaguse National Park
The canal must be crossed by a raft on the section of track passing through the Aidu quarry. On the high banks of the canals with open gravel, we ask bicycle tourists to choose bicycle trails.
During the winter, there may be obstacles to cross frozen canals with rafts.
Going through Tudu forests, the hiking route arrives at Ida-Viru County. The urban part of the trail starts near Uljaste: it goes through the small towns of Sonda and Kiviõli to Püssi. Next, the hiking route takes you through the former Aidu quarry and the Kohtla-Nõmme mining museum to the sea, where it is possible to enjoy amazing views of the Ida-Viru industrial landscapes. The hiking route runs along the northern coast to Toila park and from there, through Voka park to Sillamäe, and to Mummassaare campfire site in Udria Landscape Reserve.
Visitor Centre of Alutaguse National Park
+372 5681 5722
Type of objectHiking trail
The trail is signposted and marked with white-yellow-white paint marks on trees. Rest stops on the trail and distances between them.
Camping facilities At campsites and campfire sites along the hiking route
Campfire site At campsites and campfire sites along the hiking route
Hiking options RMK Penijõe-Aegviidu-Kauksi hiking route
SightsAidu quarry, Estonian Mining Museum, North-Estonian klint, Valaste waterfall – the highest in Estonia, Oru park, Toila
Additional informationBefore going on a nature walk, please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam).
RestrictionsThere may be no conditions crossing the frozen canals with rafts during winter time.