Alutaguse National Park

Alutaguse National Park, with an area of ​​44,331 ha, was established in 2018 to protect and introduce the extensive bog, forest and coastal landscapes and cultural heritage of Eastern Estonia. It includes 11 former protected areas - Puhatu, Agusalu, Muraka and Selisoo nature reserves; Kurtna, Smolnitsa, Jõuga, Iisaku, Struuga and Mäetaguse landscape protection areas and River Narva with its old rivers. Alutaguse is one of the most forest-rich areas in Estonia with primeval nature, reminding taiga. There has always been sparse settlements and a high proportion of natural landscapes, the most valuable of which are vast bog areas (23,855 ha or 54%) and forested landscapes (18,759 ha or 42%). Eskers, kames and inland dunes unique to Estonia create diversity to otherwise flat surroundings.The national park is home for many rare species in Estonia and has excellent opportunities for enjoying nature and recreation all year round.

Ida-Viru County, Lüganuse, Jõhvi, Toila and Alutaguse Municipalities
River Peipsi, Kurtna Lakes, bogs, taiga reminding forest, inland dunes
Hiking and cycling, camping, nature watching and education, photography, learning
about cultural heritage, beach vacation
Visitor Centre of Alutaguse National Park
+372 5681 5722
Address Kauksi, Alutaguse Municipality, Ida-Viru County 41001
Visitor managementState Forest Management Centre (RMK)
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia
+372 662 5999,, 
Iisaku Nature Centre, +372 335 0200
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FilesThe national park brochure published by Environmental Board in 2019. Download PDF
Additional informationIn Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112. More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.