Nigula Nature Reserve

One of the oldest and best researched bog and forest ecosystem protection areas is known as a bog reference site all across Europe.
The Nature Reserve was established in 1957. Since 1979 it is a bird area of international importance. Since 1997 the Nature Reserve belongs to the Ramsar sites – wetlands of international importance and since 2004 to Natura 2000 bird and habitat sites. Since 2007 it belongs to the North-Livonian wetland complex, the first cross-border wetland complex of international importance in Northern Europe.

The Centre for State Forest Management in Estonia has been involved in visitor management in the Nigula Nature Reserve since February 2009.

LocationPärnu County
AttractionsBog lake, bog landscape, transitional mire, edge of the wetland, bog islands, ancient broadleaved forest
InformationRMK Kabli Visitor Centre
+372 505 8242
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia
+372 662 5999,
Additional information In Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112. More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.
Visitor restrictionsVisitors are allowed to go to the prepared and marked study trail and hiking trail and organise public events with max 50 participants with the consent of the protection area manager. To organise a public event with more than 50 participants a permission must be obtained from the protection area manager. Boating and fishing on the waterways of the Nature Reserve is prohibited.