Viidumäe Nature Reserve

Viidumäe nature conservation area treasures the wildlife, rare species, communities and habitats of the western part of the Saaremaa Island.

AttractionsSpectacular views of the Saaremaa Island from the Rauna observation tower. Wooded grasslands, protected plants, including the endemic Rhinanthus osiliensis, a species of rattle.
InformationVilsandi National Park Visitor Centre
Phone+372 454 6880, +372 527 7421
Visitor managerRMK
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia
+372 662 5999,
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Viidumäe Nature Reserve
Additional informationIn Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112.
More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.


Observation Tower Rauna rest stop and observation tower
Study trail Audaku study trail (2.8 km), Viidumäe study trail (1,6 km), Allikasoo study trail (2,8 km)