RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Kantsi-Kiidjärve (44 km)

At Kavastu you can experience crossing the river Emajõgi on the cable ferry or by boat. That is why you should plan your arrival at Kavastu at the time the ferry operator works. After long and straight forest road and another road between open fields, hikers arrive at Võnnu, where they can visit the local shop. The trail continues through the forest to Ahja campfire site. Next, there is the village of Ahja, where you can replenish your food supply in the shop, visit the Tuglas Museum, explore the places familiar from the novel "Väike Illimar" by Friedebert Tuglas, or take a look at Ahja manor estate. After leaving Ahja, the trail goes through the village and between fields to Valgesoo campfire site, where it is possible to go to Valgesoo study trail. Next from Valgesoo, the hiking route continues along a gravel road to Kiidjärve Nature Centre on the bank of the Ahja river.
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Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilitiesFor long-term parking it is convenient to use the parking area at Kantsi campfire site or Kiidjärve Visitor Centre. In addition, parking is available at most campfire sites on this section of the hiking route.
AmenitiesThe trail is marked with white-green-white blazes, hiking trail signs and hiking route boards. The rest stops on this section of the hiking route and distances between them:
Camping facilities Tent camping at Kantsi, Ahja and Valgesoo campfire sites.
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Water Please note that there is no water available near Kantsi, Ahja and Valgesoo campfire sites. Water is available in Kiidjärve Visitor Centre during the opening hours.
Hiking options In addition to the hiking route, it is possible to complete the 2 km Valgesoo study trail.
SightsThe sights in this section of the hiking route are the river Suur-Emajõgi, which can be crossed either by cable ferry or boat, Ahja manor and Valgesoo bog.
Additional informationBefore going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam).
RestrictionsOn the hiking route one should not forget that camping and making a fire is allowed only at places designated for those purposes.
LocationThe hiking trail is in Luunja, Mäksa and Võnnu municipalities in Tartu County and Ahja and Vastse-Kuuste municipalities in Põlva County.
Driving directionsOn Tartu-Räpina road drive 8 km and turn left (follow the sign "Kavastu"). Drive on 10 km. Cross the intersection, now it is 3 km gravel road to the parking. Park before the gate. The campfire site is on the right from the road 100 m from the gate.