Veskijärve campfire site

Lääne County, Nõva Recreation Area
The 2008 forest fire opened up a view to the interesting landforms of the area, which appeared thousands of years ago, when Lake Veskijärv was separated from the Littorina Sea. Here you can take a 4-km walk through the bog to Lake Tänavjärv and back. It is a good fishing lake, but it is not possible to fish from the shore.
Phone+372 506 2004
Type of objectCampfire site
Parking facilitiesParking for max 10 cars
Amenities1 shelter, 1 outdoor fireplace and dry toilet
Camping facilities yes
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Hiking options yes
SightsLake Veskijärv is a good fishing lake. In spring it is possible to listen to the sounds of the rare natterjack toad in the old quarry 1 km away.
Berries and mushroomsMushrooms
Additional information
RestrictionsLocated in Läänemaa Suursoo Lanscape Reserve. Information about restrictions can be obtained from the Environmental Board (+372 662 5999,
LocationNõmmemaa village, Lääne-Nigula  municipality, Lääne County
Object no 1 on recreation area map
Driving directionsDrive 47 km from Tallinn through Keila towards Haapsalu and turn right at the Määra road junction (sign “Nõva 29 km”). Drive 26 km and turn left (sign “Variku 10 km”), drive 4 km and turn left again (sign “RMK Veskijärv”). The campfire site is 2.2 km from the turn.
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 59.180110
longitude: 23.764240
L-EST 97 x: 6560272 y: 486543