Nõva Recreation Area

RMK Nõva Recreation Area in the north-western part of Estonia is one of the most unique and diverse regions in Estonia. Nature-lovers are attracted to the surroundings, which are largely untouched by civilisation and sparsely populated. The coastal area of Nõva captivates surfers and those who enjoy the beach. The abundance of bilberries and cowberries in the forests attracts both berry-pickers and researchers. Also, there are traces of the Neugrund meteorite crater – the breccias – and numerous remnants of the last Ice Age – erratic boulders – waiting to be explored.  

The largest lakes in the region – Lake Tänavjärv and Veskijärv – are known to be rich in fish. The white water-lilies on smaller lakes are a sight to cherish. Dendrologists are happy for seeing the yew tree, which is rare in mainland Estonia. Also the oldest in mainland Estonia active wooden church, the Põlluotsa farm museum, the Dirhami fishing port and the north-westernmost cape of mainland Estonia – Spithami or Põõsaspea await to be discovered.

Lääne County
AttractionsNice beaches, bird-watching sites, St. Olaf’s wooden church
ActivitiesSwimming, sun-bathing, surfing, diving, kite-surfing, fishing, hiking, cycling, cultural heritage tours, picking berries and mushrooms
InformationRMK Nõva Visitor Centre
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Visitor Management State Forest Management Centre (RMK)
Protected Area Manager Environmental Board of Estonia
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Additional information In Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112. More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.