Giants of Ootsipalu Valley

Many grand and magnificent trees grow in Ootsipalu valley in Räpina municipality, Põlva County, but two of them are particularly worthy of attention. These are the tallest spruce in Estonia and the tallest pine in Estonia – 48.6 and 46.6 metres tall, respectively.
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Type of objectRest Stop
AmenitiesThe trees are marked with information boards.
SightsThe giant trees that stand quite close to one another are more than 200 years old. As of the beginning of the year 2016, the pine-tree is the tallest Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in the world. There are more than one hundred different pine species in the world. The Scots pine grows in Europe. In Estonia, the Scots pine is the only natural pine species and also the most frequently found tree in our forests. According to RMK forest specialists and researchers from the University of Life Sciences, one reason why so many record-high trees grow in one place in Põlva County is that the trees are on a hollow surface, partly on the slope, partly in the depression. This guarantees natural protection against strong wind and storms, and accumulation of rainwater and nutrients in the bottom of the hollow, so the trees have sufficient water and nutrient supply. Naturalist Hendrik Relve has named the trees in this area the Giants of Ootsipalu Valley.
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LocationOotsipalu valley, Räpina municipality, Põlva County
Driving directionsDrive 15 km from Räpina towards Võru and turn left towards Värska. Then drive on for 3.8 km and turn right towards Meenikunno Landscape Protection Area. Drive 8.1 km to the sign "Ootsipalu oru hiiglased". The trees are about 70 m to the right of the road.
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 57.912419
longitude: 27.317389
L-EST 97 x: 6423842 y: 696569