Fire Hazard Season

Dear Visitor!

The weather is dry and sunny, and the fire risk in nature increases with each passing day. A wildfire can start from even the smallest spark, such as a discarded cigarette butt.
  • Do not use open flames in the forest!
  • Postpone making bonfires to a safer time.
  • If you need to make a fire, prefer a designated fire pit with a cover.
  • Do not drive motor vehicles (including motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs) on dry forest ground, as plant dust falling on the vehicle’s hot parts can ignite instantly, and sparks from the exhaust can ignite dry vegetation or peat.
  • Do not leave trash in the forest! Glass left in the forest can concentrate sunlight and cause a fire.

If you see smoke or fire, start extinguishing it immediately. If you need help, call 112. Use large tree branches bundled together for extinguishing.

Your contribution to preserving nature is important!