Vilsandi hiking trail’s observation tower (900 m from Vikati Harbour)

The observation tower is located on the island of Vilsand 900 m from Vikati harbor and is 16 m high. Two hiking trails start from there in the middle of Suur-Vilsand. The tower is located on an elevation formed by an old pebble rampart, surrounded by dry alvars that have been covered with higher vegetation (juniper, Sorbus intermedia, rowan, buckthorn) only recently. From the top of the tower viewing to the north, you can see a forest and to the south the sea.
A maximum of 6 people are allowed on the observation platform with railings at the same time. Safety instructions are at the foot of the tower.
Phone +372 454 6880
Type of objectObservation Tower
Parking facilities Papissaare harbour
Amenities16 m high observation tower, bench, information board
Hiking options Vilsandi hiking trail
SightsThe wonderful nature of Vilsandi, the country of birds. Rich history, cultural heritage and island way of life, fascinating geology - coral reefs.
Additional information
Restrictions Located in Vilsandi National Park. Information about restrictions can be obtained from the Environmental Board (+372 662 5999,
Location Vilsandi village, Saaremaa municipality
Object no 23 on area map
Driving directions The location marker of the observation tower shows the location of the beginning of the hiking trail on the map.
Drive by the Kuressaare-Kihelkonna road for 30 km until you reach Kihelkonna crossroads and turn to Kihelkonna. On the midsquare there is sign towards Papissaare. Drive past Kihelkonna church to the cobblestone road. Drive straight 3 km to Papissaare harbour and leave your car at the parking area. Board a boat to go to the island.
Information about boat transport is available on website
Geographic coordinatesLong-Lat WGS 84
latitude: 58.378082
longitude: 21.842639
L-EST 97 x: 6472903 y: 373809