Visitor restrictions in Endla Nature Reserve

Visitors to the nature reserve are expected to have an environmentally friendly way of thinking and to respect the silence here.

In the nature reserve visitors have to observe certain restrictions.
According to the established restrictions, the nature reserve is divided into three zones.
In the strict nature reserve (Linnusaare) the wildlife is left to develop naturally. People are allowed to Linnusaare bog for the purpose of research only. No access for hikers.
In special management zones all economic activities are prohibited.
In the limited management zone the established restrictions allow nature-friendly management.

A written consent of the protected area manager (Environmental Board) is required:
  • To organise a public event with more than 20 participants    
  • To organise on-water hiking
  • To drive off-road vehicles 
  • For access to the special management zone of Lake Endla and Lake Sinijärv and to Lake Männikjärv

No access is allowed for visitors:
  • In Linnusaare Strict Nature Reserve
  • On Lake Endla and Lake Sinijärv from 01 April to 30 June
  • In the special management zone of Toodiksaare bog from 15 February to 31 July 
  • In the special management zones of Kirikumäe, Mardimäe, Tamsi and Põllusaare from 01 February to 31 May

  • Use of motorised water vehicles is prohibited on the water-bodies of the nature reserve, except for activities related with the management of the nature reserve, for research work and monitoring.

  • Keep dogs on the lead within the nature reserve.
  • Camping and campfires are allowed only in designated locations.
  • Take waste away from the area with you.

If necessary, ask for further information on restrictions from the Environmental Board e-mail, +372 662 5999).