Tartu-Jõgeva Recreation Area

The RMK recreation area is situated in the counties of Tartu and Jõgeva and is divided in two—Tartu and Saare–Vara areas. Objects of the Tartu region are situated in Tähtvere and Kambja municipalities and offer recreation in an out-of-town area. Objects in Elva region are managed and developed under cooperation agreement by Vapramäe–Vellavere–Vitipalu Foundation. The objects of the Saare–Vara region are situated in Saare, Pala, Vara and Alatskivi municipalities and are best suited for weekend holidays. The various bodies of water in Tartu–Jõgeva Recreation Area —rivers, lakes, fishponds, artificial lakes and areas inundated in springtime— but also the versatile terrain, expanses of forest of different growth types and wetlands are particularly beautiful. Both regions have many hiking and cycling trails, campfire and recreation sites. The total area and the multitude of recreation opportunities offer all nature lovers enough “space to breathe”. In 2008 one of the tourist magnets in Central Estonia—Elistvere Animal Park—was added to the list of objects managed by the Centre for State Forest Management. Elistvere Animal Park gives visitors a chance to get more closely acquainted with the life and activities of wild animals and offers spectacular views of the picturesque landscape of Vooremaa, the drumlin region. A former village shop has been thoroughly renovated into the main entrance to the animal park and also houses the RMK Elistvere Nature Centre, which organises nature educational activities and functions as the region’s centre.

LocationJõgeva County, Tartu County
AttractionsOut-of-town forest, the versatile terrain of Kaiu and Saare kames and the Vooremaa drumlins, bodies of water of rich biodiversity and forests full of wild berries and mushrooms, Alatskivi and Elistvere manor parks, Elistvere Animal Park.
ActivitiesHiking and cycling, picnicking, camping, fishing, picking wild berries and mushrooms, nature education, visiting the animal park
InformationRMK Elistvere information point

Phone: +372 676 7030, +372 5346 5030, +372 525 3395

E-mail: elistvere.looduskeskus@rmk.ee

Contact us: Elistvere village, Tabivere municipality, 49103 Jõgeva County
Protected Area ManagerLõuna region, Environmental Board of Estonia            +372 730 2240; louna@keskkonnaamet.ee
Cooperation partnersFor other recreation activities in RMK Tartu–Jõgeva Recreation Area see the website of Matkajuht OÜ, cooperation partner of the Centre for State Forest Management in Estonia (RMK).


Campfire site Jõemõisa campfire site, Tammeluha campfire site, Lake Kaiu campfire site, Mütsiga männi campfire site, Uuetee campfire site, Kõrgekalda campfire site, Määrumäe campfire site, Kärgandi campfire site, Lagle campfire site, Tiksoja campfire site, Kukeseene campfire site, Kalamehe campfire site, Pangodi campfire site, Raigastvere campfire site, Papi campfire site, Piiri campfire site, Sihi campfire site, Palumägede campfire site, Tenno campfire site, Elistvere campfire site, Kassinurme campfire site, Hundissaare campfire site, Siimusti campfire site, Tähemaa campfire site
Campsite Pangodi campsite
Cycling trail Kaiu cycling trail (45 km), Selgise cycling trail (30 km), Koseveski cycling trail (20 km), Ilmatsalu cycling trail (7.5 km), Tüki cycling trail (7 km)
Forest hut Kukemetsa forest hut
Hiking trail Pikksaare hiking trail (1 km), Palumägede hiking trail (1 km), Tammeluha hiking trail (3 km), Ilmatsalu–Kärevere Linnutee hiking trail (3,5 km), Tiksoja hiking trails (1+2 km), Jõemõisa hiking trail (0.5 km), Alatskivi hiking trail (4.5 km), RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Elistvere-Kantsi (80 km), RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Oostriku-Elistvere (76 km), Padakõrve hiking trail (3.6 km)
Information point Saare information point, Elistvere information point
Nature Centre Elistvere Nature Centre
Observation Tower Raigastvere observation tower
Other Elistvere Animal Park
Rest Stop Särgjärve road rest stop, Lake Prossa recreation site
Study trail Lake Saare study trail (3.5 km), Elistvere study trail (2 km)