Roe deer

  • Features

White to dull yellow rump patch, black nose and moustache, white chin, small and insignificant tail. Fur: adult animal has no spots, colour from sandy yellow to reddish brown in summer, greyish brown to blackish in winter. Spiky antlers, with max three branches.

  • Habitat

Forests with alternating plains and farm- or grasslands. Sometimes also heathland with dense heather. In agricultural areas the roe deer can live in totally open landscapes, but it is important to have forest and sheltering places nearby.

  • Size

Trunk length 95-135 cm, tail length 2-4 cm, shoulder height 64-67 cm (male), 63-67 cm (female), body weight 16-35 kg, weight at birth 1.3-2.3 kg.