Wild animals live with people because of injuries resulting from accidents or due to the loss of their mother. RMK Elistvere Animal Park is a place where mostly just this kind of wild animals live who depend on people at the will of fate.

In Elistvere our visitors can see the wolf, the European bison, the Eurasian elk, the reindeer, the roe deer, the fallow deer, the brown bear, the lynx, the fox, the raccoon dog, the red squirrel, the pine marten, the European polecat, American mink and stone marten. In regard with the increased danger of African swine fever, the wild boar exposition was liquidated.

Inside the building one can view the rodent exhibition. Two rooms are furnished with displays where guinea pigs, degus, hamsters, chinchillas.

Traffic in RMK Elistvere Animal Park is made easier by information boards. Also on nature trails where traces of beaver activity and varied forest biota can be followed, explanations are provided on boards. In the park visitors can find several protected plant species, and admire scenic views and ancient trees.

Elistvere Animal Park was founded in 1997. Today, RMK Elistvere Animal Park has become one of the the greatest tourist attraction in Tartu County, providing excitement for both children and adults. Formerly owned by the Estonian Forest Society, Elistvere Animal Park has now been part of RMK Tartu-Jõgeva Recreation Area since 2008.